Latest NBA news: Cleveland Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell drug-tested day after scoring 71

On Monday night, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell made headlines with an impressive performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves, scoring a career-high 71 points. However, the following day brought unexpected news for the star player.

According to a report from ESPN, Mitchell was selected for a random drug test by the NBA on Tuesday. The league’s policy states that two players from each team must be selected for testing each week, and the selection is chosen at random.

This news raised some eyebrows, as it is not uncommon for players to be tested after a standout performance. Some have speculated that the timing of the test, coming just a day after Mitchell’s impressive scoring outing, may not be a coincidence.

The Cavaliers and Mitchell have not commented on the drug test or the speculation surrounding it. The NBA also declined to comment on the situation.

Regardless of the reason for the test, it is important to note that the NBA has a strict policy on drug use. The league tests players for performance-enhancing drugs, as well as recreational drugs such as marijuana. Players who fail a drug test can face fines, suspension, or even banishment from the league.

This is not the first time that a player has been selected for a drug test after a standout performance. In 2017, then-Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant was selected for a test after scoring 40 points in a game. Durant brushed off any suggestion of wrongdoing, stating that the test was simply a part of the league’s routine policy.

It is worth noting that the NBA’s drug testing policy has come under scrutiny in the past. In 2015, a group of players, including then-Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant, filed a lawsuit against the league, alleging that the frequency of drug testing was excessive and violated their privacy. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

Despite the speculation, it is important to remember that being selected for a drug test is a routine part of the NBA’s policy and does not necessarily imply any wrongdoing on the part of the player. Until more information is released, it is best to reserve judgement on the situation surrounding Mitchell and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the meantime, Mitchell and the Cavaliers will look to build on their recent success on the court. Mitchell has been a key player for the team this season, averaging 27.8 points per game. The Cavaliers currently sit at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with a 13-34 record, but with Mitchell leading the way, they will look to turn their season around and make a push for the playoffs.

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